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Barrel Shrouds/Bull barrels.

XTX Air is able to offer a choice of shrouds/bull barrels for BSA rifles and soon other makes and models of rifles.

Huub Shrouds

XTX can supply you with Huub shrouds that will fit any of the BSA multi-shot PCP rifles except the S10* and some of the very early low breech single shot rifles.

Not only do they look good but they also work very well at quietening down the muzzle report of BSA PCP air rifles. When the baffles have been fitted in the best configuration, the shrouds are as quiet or quieter than most off the shelf silencers/moderators. They are easy to DIY fit or they can be fitted while your rifle is with me for other work.

They are made out of 27mm OD aluminium tube to keep the weight down, then sand blasted and powder coated matt black, which gives them a nice textured non-shiny finish. The shrouds are made to be around 140mm (5.5") longer than the end of your barrel. The longer they are the more internal volume there is, which translates to a quieter muzzle report. Please be aware that the shroud is a little higher than the top of the scope rail, depending on the height of your scope mounts and the size of the objective of your scope you may need to use higher mounts or a scope with a smaller objective.

They are supplied by Huub in the Netherlands, I try to keep the 3 most popular lengths for BSAs in stock:

- the 12" barrel model (R-10 Super Carbine and Ultra), they are around 15" (380mm) long overall,

- the 15" model (standard R-10 and Scorpion), they are around 18" (465mm) long overall,

- the 18.5" model (standard on the FAC/Export Scorpion and FAC/Export R-10), they are around 21.75" (550mm) long overall.

How to measure your barrel length >here<

They are supplied with the shroud tube, barrel adaptor, back-flow bush, baffles, curlers, wadding material and the fitting instructions are linked to below.

When ordering a shroud from the eShop please can you let me know which rifle it is for, the calibre and the length of barrel if it is not a standard length.

At this stage they are only suitable for barrels that have a threaded end for a moderator. You can use a silencer adaptor if you don't have a threaded barrel but this is not an ideal solution.

Please note that the Huub shrouds are calibre specific, do not fit a .177 shroud to a .22 or .25 calibre rifle, it will probably clip and/or cause damage to the shroud internals. A .22 or .25 shroud can be fitted to a .177 but it will not be as quiet as a proper .177 shroud.

Huub Shroud fitting instructions

Huub shroud fitting video

Watch out for imitation/rip-off copies of the Huub shroud being sold by some people online and on eBay, buyer beware!

 * Huub shrouds can be fitted to the S10 if you mill/modify the extrusion between the barrel and buddy bottle, to allow the shroud to slide all the way down the barrel.

 Standard BSA R-10 Shrouds

XTX can supply you with standard BSA R-10 shrouds that will fit any of the multi-shot PCP rifles except the S10 and some of the very early low breech single shot rifles.

They are easy to DIY fit but you may want to have them shortened (optional extra) if you have a rifle with a barrel shorter than the R-10s 15" barrel.

The standard shrouds are not nearly as quiet as the Huub shroud, they do take some of the crack off the shot but they are not really back yard plinking/hunting friendly. The shrouds have a threaded end which allows you to fit any 1/2" UNF silencer, if you would like them to be quieter. 

The price and availability of these shrouds depends on the stock levels at my supplier. When they are in stock I can normally get them in 2-3 days, if you would like them to be shortened then it will take a couple more days for me to make the changes and get them in the post. The complete shroud assemblies are £81.00, the shroud tube without all the internals and other parts are £57 from Knibbs (prices correct on 24/04/2014). These are no longer available to buy new, you will need to hunt them down on the second hand market.

The R-10 shrouds can be shortened, there are 2 main options: 

Muzzle end - this is an option if you have a threaded barrel (you will need to remove your shroud to check). The end of the shroud is parted/cut off so that the thread on the barrel protrudes past the end of the shroud, the silencer then screws directly to the barrel. This shortens a standard R-10 by around 112mm (4.4"). The shroud will be purely decorative after it has been shortened. 

Breech end - this is an option if your barrel is not threaded. The shroud is shortened from the breech end, then the shroud tube is machined and screw cut to match the original end that was cut off the shroud. This shortens a standard R-10 by around 83mm (3.27"). The shroud will be purely decorative after it has been shortened. This is the more expensive option of the 2 because it involves cutting and re-threading the tube.

Handy video showing how to remove/fit the standard R-10 shroud >here<



My shroud touches the air cylinder on my rifle - the stock bolt is too tight, which is causing the action to bend/flex, loosen the stock bolt and the gap between the shroud and air cylinder will open up and should be parallel.

 Is the shroud as quiet as a HW silencer - the feedback I have received from a number of customers suggests they are as good as or better than the HW silencer.

 Can I fit a silencer on the end of the Huub shroud - No, they are designed to work as a stand alone shroud and should be very quiet if they are fitted correctly.

 Do you sell an adaptor to allow a silencer to be screwed onto the Huub shroud - No, they have not been designed to allow a silencer to be fitted to them. You may be able to get one machined by an engineering firm if you are determined to fit a silencer to your shroud.

 Can I fit a Huub shroud to my barrel if I don't have a threaded barrel - Sadly not, they are designed to only fit on barrels that are threaded for a silencer. Some people have used silencer adaptors to attach their backflow bush but this is not ideal because it is not the way the shroud was designed to be fitted.

Can I fit my .177 shroud to my .22 or .25 The shrouds are calibre specific so they should only be fitted to the calibre of rifle they were originally designed to fit. If you would like to fit a .177 shroud to a .22 then you will need to open up the holes in the backflow bush, baffles and end cap to around 7mm to prevent clipping.

.22 and .25 shrouds can be fitted to a .177 without any risk of clipping but they will not be as quiet as a .177 shroud because the holes through the baffles, backflow bush and end cap will be too big.

 My mate says silencer/shroud brand "X" is the best but it sounds different on my rifle- if you take the same shroud or silencer and try it on different rifles it will work differently on each one. It is down to the volume of air that is released with each shot, the holes through the baffles (calibre makes a difference), the power of the rifle, how quick the firing valve is etc etc. If somebody tells you the best shroud or silencer is "x", it may well be on their rifle but there is a pretty good chance it will sound different on your rifle, even if it is the same make and model of rifle. The only way to know for sure is to try loads of different silencers back to back to see which one is the quietest for your own rifle.

My silencer/shroud is really quiet but animals still run away when I fire the rifle - Just to throw another spanner in the works: our hearing is different to animals, so if you are after a silencer/shroud that is best for hunting, you would need to test the sound at higher frequencies that we can't hear. 

Of course there are also other things to consider when the rifle is fired; action noise, the noise of the pellet flying through the air and the noise of the pellet hitting the target, any one of these can spook animals, it is not just the muzzle report. 

If you would like to see more pictures of rifles fitted with Huub shrouds please click >>here<<

BSA R-10 fitted with a Huub shroud