XTX Pressure Gauge & Quick Fill Version 2

XTX Pressure Gauge & Quick Fill Version 2

A popular addition for the Air Arms S200, CZ 200, BSA Ultra, Scorpion, Lonestar, Hornet, Sportsman and Gamo Dynamax, that allows you to keep an eye on the air pressure in your air cylinder, no more guessing. They are easy to fit yourself (fitting instruction video). It replaces the quick fill on your rifle so that you have quick fill and a pressure gauge combined.

The gauge body is made out of blued steel, There are no parts to remove and/or loose and it blends in nicely with the air cylinder on the rifle.

There is a more advanced Version 1 pressure gauge and quick fill that has a rotating dust cover and a enclosed bezel, it costs a little more though because it is more expensive to make and blue >here<

The pressure gauges/indicators are rated to 250bar and you can use the standard BSA fill probe or a HW100 fill probe to fill your rifle once the pressure gauge is fitted. They do not come with a fill probe because most of you will already have a fill probe, if you don't have one and you would like to purchase a fill probe, they can be found elsewhere in the eShop.

Depending on the type of silencer you use and the length of your barrel you may need to use a barrel extension (available from the eShop), a slim silencer or a shroud. The gauge extends approximately 32.6mm past the end of the air cylinder. It has a very easy to service fill valve and comes with a spare O ring for the fill valve. Service kits are available for the gauge should you want to service the gauge at some stage in the future,

No fitting instructions are sent out with the gauges because there are videos on my YouTube channel that show how to fit them (links above and below). 

This video shows the Version 1 and Version 2 gauges side by side >here<