XTX BSA De-Pinger / Depinger

XTX BSA De-Pinger / Depinger

This is a de-pinger that can be fitted to an un-regulated Ultra, Ultra SE, Scorpion, Scorpion SE, Ultramax, Gamo Dynamax, it will not fit the Ultra XL or other Gamo variants. This de-pinger does not have a threaded rod like the standard BSA de-pinger, which makes it more versatile and easier to fit.

It helps to reduce the hammer noise that resonates through the air cylinder after firing, this can make the action much quieter and less pingy (if there is such a word?).

To fit it:

  • drain down all the air in the air cylinder by dry firing the rifle,
  • unscrew the air cylinder or fill valve body from the action,
  • carefully push the de-pinger into the air cylinder (flat side facing the fill valve),
  • the de-pinger can be pushed in as far as you like, the O ring should hold it in place,
  • refit the air cylinder or fill valve to the action,
  • fill the rifle slowly,
  • go shooting.
  • This video may help: >>here<<

Regulated rifles don't need a de-pinger because the regulator isolates the hammer noise from the air cylinder.

De-pingers do not improve shot count or alter the performance of the rifle in any way, they just reduce the ping/noise from the air cylinder.

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