S200 (CZ) firing/filling valve removal tool - Round

S200 (CZ) firing/filling valve removal tool - Round

This is a handy tool to help you remove the ends of your Air Arms S200 (CZ) air cylinder.

You can use this tool when you need to remove the original gauge/quick fill to replace your O rings and/or to fit an XTX pressure gauge and quick fill.

You can also use this tool to remove the firing valve end from the air cylinder if you want to replace your O rings and/or to fit a HuMa S200 regulator.

The tool has been machined out of aluminium (which is relatively soft, so that it does not mark or damage your air cylinder finish) to fit over the air cylinder, it has locating holes and pins (supplied) that fit into the holes in the ends of your cylinder. Once the pins have been fitted you can then either clamp the tool in a vice/grips etc and unscrew the ends of the cylinder. There is also a hex version of this tool available from the eShop.

If you do get some silvery marks on the air cylinder from the soft aluminium tool you should be able to rub them off using an oily rag or oily toothbrush.

There is a video on the XTXair YouTube channel showing the S200 tool in action.

Please note that because it is made of aluminium this is not a heavy duty/trade tool, it is suitable for the home tuner, it will not last long if being used on multiple rifles.