BSA Transfer Port (long)

BSA Transfer Port (long)

These BSA transfer ports will fit your BSA Ultra, Ultra SE, Goldstar SE, Scorpion, Scorpion SE, R-10 etc. They will not fit the older low breech single shot rifles like the early Ultras and Hornets. They may be standard BSA transfer ports or they may be drilled out ports, depending on the size you select.

The transfer ports are roughly:

16.5mm long x 9mm x Xmm ID

Please remember the legal limit in the UK for a rifle that is not on an FAC is 12ftlbs, turning your rifle up above 12ftlbs is illegal and irresponsible. You may also damage your rifle if you run it at a higher power than it was designed to run at. Fitting one of these ports to your rifle is done so at your own risk.

The picture is a stock image of a port, the one you receive may have a different size hole in it.

You are buying 1 transfer port.