BSA R-10 HuMa Regulator DIY Fit

BSA R-10 HuMa Regulator DIY Fit

This is for supplying an aftermarket BSA R-10 HuMa regulator that you can fit yourself. It fits the Mark 1, Mark 2, Limited Edition, SE, Export/FAC, standard length and Super Carbine models  (basically all past and present models and versions of the R-10). 

The HuMa R-10 regulator fits into the R-10 regulator block in the same place as the original, without having to make any modifications to the regulator block or the action. This means the rifle can be put back to standard if required. You can also have one fitted while your action gets X-Tuned and/or customised, please select the HuMa reg + X-Tune option if you would prefer me to fit it for you.

The regulator will come with the pressure pre-set to suit your calibre and barrel length, this does not set the power of the rifle. The regulator pressure can be user adjusted but it is best not to adjust the pre-set pressure unless you are an experienced tuner. The power is adjusted via the hammer spring, not the regulator, please follow the fitting instructions closely.

Please choose your calibre and barrel length from the drop down menu, I will then pre-set your regulator pressure to suit your rifle. If you would prefer a custom regulator pressure, please fill in your required pressure in the Custom Pressure box below. Barrel length is measured from the breech (magazine slot, where the pellet enters the barrel) to the muzzle (where the pellet leaves the barrel). It does not include any shrouds or silencers. Video showing how to measure your barrel length >>here<<

The FAC/Export regulators are set to around 140bar (around 2000psi) as standard.

The rifle can be filled to 232bar and the regulator will regulate until the regulator set pressure is reached, below this pressure the power will gradually drop off with each shot.

Fitting an FAC regulator to a standard sub 12ftlbs rifle will not make your rifle into a FAC rifle, it will actually reduce the power and your action will pretty much be ruined. The FAC and sub 12ftlbs R-10s are not the same internally.

There are detailed fitting instructions on the Fitting Instructions page on the website. The fitting instructions are a series of YouTube videos so you will need access to the internet. No paper fitting instructions are supplied with the regulator.

Before ordering a regulator, please make sure:

  • you have made yourself familiar with the fitting instructions on the "Fitting Instructions" page on the website,
  • you are happy to carry out the necessary work,
  • you are able to adjust your power to keep your rifle legal,
  • you have the necessary tools to carry out the work,
  • you will need access to a chronograph to set the power once the regulator has been fitted.

The regulator does not come with any printed fitting instructions, the instructions are on my website. Also bear in mind that any video/s you may have watched on YouTube before visiting the eShop may not be the complete fitting instructions, please refer to the full fitting instructions on my website.  

Please don't set your rifle over the legal limit in your country or state. 


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