BSA HuMa Regulator Fitting Kit

BSA HuMa Regulator Fitting Kit

This is a kit of parts that can help when fitting a HuMa regulator to your BSA. It contains a (long) transfer port that has been pre-drilled to 4.5mm, a softer hammer spring (than the standard spring in the rifle) and a lightweight spring guide to suit the new softer spring. The kit offers a saving over buying all the parts individually. 

If you have followed the fitting instructions BEFORE purchasing a regulator you would have noticed that you have to drill the standard transfer port in your rifle to 4-4.5mm and that you sometimes need to shorten the standard hammer spring or swap it for a softer one, to reduce the power. The kit allows people, who don't have the means/time to drill out their transfer port or to shorten their existing hammer spring, to fit the parts supplied in the kit instead. 

The kits are useful for the BSA Ultra SE, Scorpion SE, Scorpion T10, newer Ultra MMC rifles. The early Ultra MMC have a different power adjuster, which does not allow the lightweight spring guide to be used, so this kit is not necessary. The Hornet and Goldstar SE don't need a larger transfer port, they should already have one fitted.

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