BSA Fill Valve/Port O Rings x2

Example of older type fill port

These are replacement fill valve O rings for the BSA Ultra, Scorpion, Hornet and Scorpion SE. Handy for when you are getting air leaking from the the quick fill area after filling your rifle. It is also a good idea to keep some in your gun bag in case you develop a leak in the field.

There are 2 types of BSA fill valve:

- The newer rifles with a ball bearing and spring in the fill valve, brass body.

- The older type fill valve with a little brass plunger with an O ring on it, blued steel body.


They are black nitrile (rubber) O rings similar to the standard BSA version.

This is for 2 x O rings.

The is a video on my YouTube channel that shows how to service your fill valve.

The picture is a generic picture of some O rings, not the actual O rings you are buying.