BSA Air Cylinder

BSA Air Cylinder - 325mm long

This is for a genuine BSA air cylinder/main chamber, not a copy. It is made out of steel that has been blued. The safe working pressure of the cylinder is 232bar but always fill to the manufactures recommended fill pressure.

Fitting a longer air cylinder to your rifle is a quick and cost effective way to add more shots per fill to your existing rifle. Fitting a shorter cylinder is a great way to reduce the weight and length of your rifle, ideal for juniors and the less able. 

There are a number of BSA air cylinders and they are all interchangeable:

170mm long - fitted to Ultra SE rifles,

220mm long - fitted to the older MMC Ultras - No Longer Available. 

250mm long - fitted to Scorpion SE models,

325mm long - fitted to the older Scorpion T10 and Hornet etc,

425mm long - fitted to FAC/Export rifles.

Please bear in mind that if you fit a longer air cylinder to your rifle you may not be able to fit a standard moderator/silencer to your rifle, you may have to fit a shroud or a slim silencer.

These will fit the Ultra MMC, Scorpion T10, Ultra SE, Scorpion SE, Ultramax, Gamo Dynamax, Goldstar SE and single shot Scorpions and Ultras. They will not fit the Ultra XL, Buccaneer or Gamo Coyote/Phox. 


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