32mm Cylinder Clamp - plastic

32mm Cylinder Clamp - plastic

This is a handy tool to help you clamp the 32mm air cylinder of your Air Arms S400, S410, S510, EV2, TDR, FTP900, HFT500, Ultimate Sporter etc and Anschutz air rifle. It is used to clamp the cylinder so that you can unscrew the ends (fill valve body, firing valve or regulator) because they can be very tight. They are useful for servicing your rifle and also when you want to fit a regulator.

It is not suitable for the S200/CZ 200, I have different tools for these models in the S200 section of the eShop.

The tool has plastic faces to reduce the risk of marking or damaging your air cylinder, it has 2 bolts for tightening the collet to your air cylinder, you will need a 10mm spanner/wrench to tighten/loosen the bolts. Once the collet has been secured to your air cylinder you can then clamp the tool in a vice or use a large adjustable spanner etc and unscrew the ends of the cylinder. 

If you don't tighten it enough there is a chance it will slip on the cylinder, which can damage the blued finish. Also make sure you tighten it onto the cylinder where there is internal support i.e over the fill valve body or firing valve body, to avoid crushing/damaging the air cylinder.

There is also an aluminium cylinder collet available from the eShop, which is a better tool but it costs more because it is custom made, not an off the shelf product like these clamps. 

Use it at your own risk!