AA Fill T-Bar Fill Valve Service Kit

AA Fill T-Bar Fill Valve Service Kit

These are replacement fill port O rings for the S200, S400, S410, S510, HFT500, Ultimate Sporter etc. They will only work on the rifles with the T Bar type fill ports.

Handy for when you get air leaking from the fill adaptor when trying to fill your rifle or from the fill valve. It is also a good idea to keep spares in your gun bag in case you develop a leak in the field.

This is for a complete kit (4 O rings) to replace all the O rings in/on the T-Bar fill valve and fill port:

  • 2 x Main body O rings,
  • 1 x Fill valve to end plug O ring,
  • 1 x Fill valve piston O ring.

They are black nitrile (rubber) O rings similar to the standard AA version.

Fill valve service video

The T-Bar fill valve in the pictures is not included, it is for reference. The picture is a generic picture of some O rings, not the actual O rings you are buying.