300bar Pressure Gauge/Indicator

300bar Pressure Gauge/Indicator

This is a 300bar button gauge/pressure indicator. It is a great option for people who have faulty/leaking/damaged pressure gauges on their rifles.

The face is 25.1mm in diameter (24mm across the flats), the threaded section is 1/8" BSP and around 8-9mm long. As the name implies, they are pressure indicators and not 100% accurate, similar to a fuel gauge in a car.

These will work as a replacement gauge for a lot of rifles that have gauges as standard like the BSA Ultra SE, R-10, Scorpion SE, Air Arms rifles, FX and some Tench and XTX gauges etc. Please measure your gauge though because some gauges are 23mm and these are 25mm, so they may not fit your rifle if it currently has a 23mm gauge fitted. 

They are HuMa Air branded and have a white face.