Guides & Links

Guides & Links 

Here are some links to useful guides, websites and contacts:

XTX Facebook

XTX YouTube Channel

BSA R-10 videos

BSA R-10 Stock Removal,

BSA R-10 Shroud Removal,

BSA R-10 Tighten #38,

BSA R-10 Firing Valve Clean,

BSA R-10 Fill Valve Leak Repair,

BSA R-10 HuMa DIY regulator installation, Part of a series of videos

BSA R-10 Indexing Removal - Basic

BSA R-10 Indexing Removal - Advanced

How to pack your action for posting,

How to replace a buddy bottle O ring,

How to service a HuMa R-10 regulator,

How to adjust the trigger on a BSA,

How to "fix" the pressure gauge on an R-10,

How to service the regulator block on your R-10,

Service a BSA Single Shot Loader/Magazine Service,

How to remove stuck R-10 regulator internals,

How to adjust the trigger on a BSA,

How to polish the trigger sears,

How to measure your barrel length >here<


BSA Ultra, Scorpion, Hornet, Goldstar SE, Dynamax etc

BSA Ultra MMC Pellet Probe Release Method,

How to fit an XTX BSA pressure gauge,

Video explaining the Mark 1 and Mark 2 XTX pressure gauges,

How to fit a Tench BSA pressure gauge,

How to service a Tench pressure gauge,

How to service a Tench regulator,

How to service the fill valve on a Goldstar SE,

How to strip a single shot Goldstar SE (and other current single shot BSA PCPs)

BSA T10 magazine indexing adjustment,

BSA fill port service/clean,

How to adjust the trigger on a BSA,

How to polish the trigger sears,

How to fit a BSA de-pinger to a BSA Ultra/Scorpion

How to fit a BSA de-pinger to a BSA Ultra SE and Scorpion SE

How to "fix" a BSA pressure gauge on a BSA Scorpion/Ultra SE

Early BSA Hornet/Ultra trigger mechanism removal

BSA Hornet regulator removal before fitting a HuMa regulator

How to remove/fit/swap the air cylinder on a BSA PCP

Service a BSA Single Shot Loader/Magazine Service,

How to measure your barrel length >here<

FX Airguns 

How to service an FX fill valve

How to fit an FX quick fill and gauge

Gamo Airguns

 How to service the gauge and quickfill from a Coyote/Phox

How to service the fill valve on a Coyote/Phox

Air Arms Airguns

How to service an Air Arms T-Bar type fill valve

How to use the XTX Air Arms cylinder tool

How to use the XTX Air Arms fill valve tool

How to remove the shroud from an FTP900

How to fit a HuMa S200 regulator,

How to fit a Rowan Engineering bolt handle,

General Videos

How to maintain your PCP,

How to clean your barrel,

How to find a leak on a PCP air rifle,

How to fit a Huub shroud, 

How to use a Combro chrono,

How to weigh airgun pellets,

How to use the BSA AT tool,

How to load a .25 BSA magazine,

New 2015 BSA magazines,

How to pack your action for posting,

How to measure your BSA barrel length >here<

Service a BSA Single Shot Loader/Magazine Service,

How to service a BSA 10 shot magazine - by AirgunHunterUK

How to adjust the pressure of a HuMa regulator,

How to service a Tench regulator,

How to fit a Rowan Engineering bolt handle,

How to repair a leaky A&M HW100 air cylinder,

How to shorten a spring - by VerminHunters TV

How to crush a coil on a spring - by shootingatdawn

How to adjust the parallax on a scope - by Airgun Expert & Critic - Rick Eutsler / AirgunWeb

Regulator fitting videos are on the Fitting Instructions page.

More videos will be added as and when...

Some feedback from my customers can be seen >>here<<



BSA Owners Group Forum - Great resource for BSA airgun owners
Air Gun Forum - UK Airgun forum
The Hunting Life Forum - General hunting and gun forum
Airgun BBS - General airgun forum
The Daystate Owners Club - Forum for all Daystate owners
Shooting The Breeze - Forum for all things FT and HFT - South African air rifle forum
Theoben Rapid Forum - for Theoben rifle owners
Rapid 7 Owners Club - for Theoben rifle owners
Weihrauch Owners Club - for Weihrauch springer and PCP owners
UK Varminting - Varminting forum for precision rifle shooters
Airgun Gurus - General airgun website and forum


Nomads HFT - Air rifle club in a lovely setting near Martley  
Anston Field Target Club - Field target and HFT club
Furnace Mill Fishery - Fishery and HFT/FT club in the Wyre Forest
Throckmorton C. P. S. C - Shotgun and airgun club near Evesham
Fieldshott Range - Airgun range near Kingsbury and Tamworth in the West Midlands
Woodend Farm Complex - Airgun, archery, knife throwing etc in Huthwaite, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Pete's Airgun Farm - Indoor and outdoor range in Essex
Black Cat Archery - Air rifle, pistol and archery club in Swindon

WHFTA - World Hunter Field Target Association
UKAHFT - UK Association of Hunter Field Target
HFT Masters - HFT organisation
UKSARC - UK Sporting Air Rifle Challenge


Air Arms
BSA Guns
FX Airguns
Rapid Air Weapons (RAW)
Impact Airguns
HuMa Air 
Robert Lane Regulators


John Knibbs International -  Airgun spares
Chambers Gun Spares - Gun spares
Best Fittings - Loads of after-market air-gun parts and accessories
Rowan Engineering - Loads of after-market air-gun parts and accessories
Brian Samson's Shop - Custom butt pads etc
Woodfield GCP - Welsh Willy tuning kits and accessories 



BASC - British Association for Shooting and Conservation

About Shooting - The clue is in the name

HFT Novice to Ninja  - by Brian Samson

Air Rifle Reviews - a review website for airguns and related gear

Shoot Review - Loads of gun reviews and other useful shooting related info

Marksmanship Courses - Courses for pest controllers & enthusiasts

CnG Pest Control - Professional pest controllers in & around the Warwickshire area

Guide on Firearms Licencing Law - Guide that the police use to enforce the firearms laws in the UK

Firearms Links - Links to various firearms related laws and guidance notes from the home office

Choosing a Scope - guide to choosing the correct scope for your needs

Airgun Power - do you think your airgun is under powered?

Target Generator - customise targets to your liking and then print them out

Pelletgage - It is a gauge for checking the head size of pellets

BASC Videos - videos covering pretty much anything you need to know about shooting, game prep etc

Guide to UK Air Gun Laws - comprehensive guide written by Reese Abney

Your Pellet Guns - airgun guides and reviews.


Stock Makers:

TT Custom Gunstocks & Knives
Trevor Turnnidge or leighvite on BSAOG forum.
Tel 07902939784

Matt's Custom Stocks

Tiley's Custom Gun Stocks
>>Click here<<
Tel 07743458627


Custom Parts and Accessories:

UKNeil (Neil Price) - Retired.

Looking for somebody else to recommend...


Stock Chequering:

Paul Critchley

Bluing and Metal Plating

Chingford Technical Coatings


BSA S10 servicing and repairs

Tom Nelson
07525 334018


    You are welcome to get your HuMa regulator fitted by one of the below tuners/shops. 

    Otmoors Airguns
    Hudson St.
    OX15 0SW
    Paul Sewell
    Honiton Way
    TS25 2PU
    OnTarget Range Ltd
    Unit 13 Osyth Close
    Brackmills Ind Est
    NN4 7DY

    If you have a website that you feel is helpful to airgunners, please feel free to get in touch and I will add you to the list.

    Please note I do not have any control over what is posted on any of the forums or websites that I link to.

    Please do your own homework before using any of the people, clubs, shops, forums or websites listed above. 


    If you are sending me your rifle/action, please print out the form below, fill it in and include it in your parcel so that I know who you are and what you would like done to your rifle. Please don't forget to book in your rifle before sending it in. 

    Worksheet XTX - xls

    Worksheet XTX - pdf