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Hi Darrin, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my huma regulator from a 232 bar fill I am getting a good 70 regulated shots with less than a 10fps spread probably would be better if I selected and weighed the pellets I'm guessing 5fps is possible. I found the huma regulator very simple to fit following the instructions which has also given me the confidence to now service my own gun and replace any leaking seals.

What a great job, I had a x-tune and new regulator fitted to my R10 it was good before but now so much better. I'm getting more shots per fill and a lot less drop off when the buddy bottle starts getting low.

Hi Darrin, just an update on the fitting of the R-10 HuMa reg, firstly quality is awesome shame it's covered by the stock, well everything went to plan with the fitting easy really. I set the power using bis mags and jsb heavys, surprisingly jsb,s giving the most power, I set it at an average of 11.6ftlb extreme spread only 6fps, with bis mags it was only 4 fps which I think is incredible, lighter weight pellets are now giving around 11.35ftlbs so the gap has closed nicely. 

Refilled the buddy bottle and chronyed the full charge with jsb heavy, managed 160 shots before power started to just steadily drop off, think you could manage another 20 usable shots before zero moved. Over the 160 shots extreme spread was only 8 fps and that was as the pellets came so prob a few bent skirt ones in there too, 

I'm now one very happy R10 owner, I'd just like to say a big thank you for all your time replying to my questions and for all the tech info you supplied me with, keep up the superb work,

G'day Darrin,

Just letting you know that the HuMa Regulator arrived in the post this morning. I installed it with a minimum of fuss this afternoon, then the hammer spring just needed a little tweak and it's now shooting H&N FTT's at a very consistent 896fps off the full 232 Bar fill. I've only had a chance to put a few shots through it, but I'll give it a good workout tomorrow. Thanks for all your help, especially the YouTube video that made it all so clear.

 I have now fitted the HuMa Regulator, as I had tried to get higher output from the original regulator but with the hammer tension set to the maximum it was only just able to push JSB Exact Jumbos out at 11.1fpe and consistence was at best 4fps and at its worst it was 37fps over ten shot string. So the regulator was set low and not very consistent.
I have now set the rifle with JSB as they give me the highest output and it is set to 11.6fpe with unsorted pellets, it is now giving a spread of 8fps and it has not been run in yet. When I get chance I will run a full charge worth of shots over the Crony to see what I get. So I am very happy with the HuMa regulator. Before I fitted the new regulator I had wound the pre-load back of the spring. To my surprise it was well over so I then wound it back a lot more till I got 11.6 with the JSBs.

 Hi there, I have just fitted my new reg into my s200. Took it out last night for a few shots, well what can I say? AWESOME BRILLIANT don't even come close. Thank you so much for your brilliant service one very happy boy cheers ;0)

Just wanted to say a great big thank you. My .22  R10-Mk2 now has a Huma reg and after tweaking the hammer up to 11.7ft lbs (from 10.5)  its a whole new gun. I now have total confidence in a dead rabbit at 30m every time irrespective of the bottle pressure. Many thanks again for excellent info and videos.

 Got the reg today and installed it.  Real easy once I got all the parts to the factory one out!  Shooting JSB Heavies (10.34gr) right at 885~888 fps which is what my R-10 likes! Thanx a bunch!

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the HuMa Reg and your custom tools made installation and tuning a breeze! My old 2009 R10 now shoots within 10fps using a crappy tin of unmatched pellets from full to empty!

 Just fitted my HUMA regulator on my early bsa ultra ,Wow! The fps variation is within 5fps on most brands of pellets from full pressure down to 90 bar .the initial power was well above the limit 16flbs using the original hammer spring guide , I reduced the length by around 5mm from the heavy end in my lathe and had plenty spring pressure to play with. Now set at 11.5 ft lbs using RWS Super Domes (one hole groups at 25 yards). If you own a BSA Ultra , buy a HuMa reg , you wont regret it. XTX also sell a light weight spring guide for a few quid, would be worth buying if you aint got a lathe . CHEERS to XTX

Just got my huma regulator for the R10 , took 5 mins to fit and the gun is spot on ! No air leaks at all ! Thanks very much mate ! I'll be in touch soon about tuning it :)

You fitted a reg & service to my BSA Ultra MMC .177 at the end of last year, I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with it. I fill to 232bar and from this I get 65 shots using JSB exact heavy 10.3G, with a 5 shot spread of just 3fps! (awesome from a very early model Ultra)

 HuMa Reg arrived today so thats a thumbs up for fast service, have now fitted and getting a 4 fps spread with Bis Mags at 11.5 the top reading. Thanks for a great product and service.

I recently purchased a Huma reg and spring guide from you, Firstly many thanks for the very rapid delivery and secondly the reg is absolutely superb, the difference in my R10 is phenomenal, even after just changing the reg. After adding the guide (which was not fitted from new) half turn on the hammer spring has bought it back to 11.5flbs consistently with a 0.08 variance on 30 shots over the chrony.
I am very, very impressed.
Many many thanks.

I just want to say a big thank you, I used my R10 that you X-tuned and fitted a new regulator to  down the range on Friday and it was fantastic. It was good before but now wow what a difference.

I've just fitted the Huma Reg kit to my Ultra SE. I received it within 48hrs of ordering. Instructions are totally comprehensive, making it a straight forward job. the collet is a god send for splitting the end cap, definitely worth the little bit extra. I'll chrono it tomorrow and finish the setup, I've got no doubt I'll get consistent fps and I can get the best out of the rifle.

Thanks for the Huma External Regulator for the Air Arms S200, which I received today. No drama with fitting etc. all straightforward following your Videos. Fully opened Venturi valve. Closed, then backed off the pre-tensioner on the firing valve 1 full turn. Adjusted power via the Hammer spring adjusting screw as instructed, having to back it off a full 5 turns to get below 12 ft/lbs. The screw now protrudes slightly from the action and i suppose i ought to be looking for a shorter or softer spring. Filled the air cylinder to 180 bar and got just over 80 blisteringly accurate shots before the fps started to drop off a bit. I shoot mainly targets and before fitting the regulator i only used to get 15 to 20 really accurate shots in the sweet spot. What a fantastic result. Thanks for all your help and great service.

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