BSA Hammer Spring Cover Removal Tool

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This is a little tool that helps to remove your anti-tamper cap on the back of your BSA R-10, Ultra, Scorpion or Hornet to make power adjustments to your rifle after fitting a regulator etc.

The collet/tool fits over the cap on the hammer spring adjuster, you then clamp the collet in a bench vise (you may get away with using a large pair of grips of some sort), heat the cap to soften the glue/Loctite and then unscrew the cap from the power adjuster. The long M4 and M5 bolts shown in the video are supplied with the tool or you can use the bolts from your rifle. 

There is more than 1 type of cap on BSA rifles, this cap is for the newer rifles that have a threaded type cap. It will work on the glued on caps but may be too tight for the very early glued on type caps, they are a slightly larger diameter than the newer caps. 

Please note, this tool was made for people who want to keep their rifles legal, not for idiots to turn the power up over the legal limit. Keep it below 12ftlbs unless you have your rifle on FAC or the laws in your country allow you to have higher powered rifles.

You use this tool/collet at your own risk, I will not be held responsible for damage to your rifle, especially if you do not use the tool properly.

No fitting instructions are supplied with the tool, the videos below show how to use the tool,

How to remove the BSA hammer spring housing,

How to use the BSA Hammer Spring Cover tool,

If you get some silvery marks on the cap from the soft aluminium tool you should be able to rub them off using an oily rag or oily toothbrush.

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