BSA R-10 conversion to FAC

This is a quick information page I have put up about converting the BSA R-10 to FAC because I get asked this question a lot. I will edit it and tidy it up as soon as I get some free time...

Before I go into the details and FAQs; second hand FAC rifles sell for a fraction of the price of a 12ftlbs version of the same rifle because there is a much smaller market for FAC rifles. If you convert your sub 12ftlbs rifle to FAC you will devalue it. You also can't change an FAC rifle to sub 12ftlbs, once it is on a FAC, it has to stay on FAC, even if you turn the power down to under 12ftlbs. If you convert your rifle properly, using the correct parts, it ill cost a lot of money + you will lose money when you try and sell it. It is often cheaper to sell your sub 12ftlbs rifle and then buy a used FAC rifle (that has already been converted or was FAC from the factory). 

There are a few options when it comes to up-rating the sub 12ftlbs R-10 to FAC:

- keep the standard barrel (assuming it is the 15" barrel, I don't recommend a 12" barrel for FAC) and make the changes to the internals (probe bearing, hammer spring, transfer port etc), uprate and/or replace the regulator with a HuMa regulator. This will not allow you to get the same max power and shot count as the full FAC spec R-10 because shorter barrels are less air efficient.

- upgrade the barrel to 18.5" FAC length, change the internals and fit a HuMa regulator. This would then make it the same spec as the proper FAC R-10 but with a better regulator.

I'm just enquiring about tuning my bsa r10 SE, is it possible to convert it from sub 12ft lb to fac. Yes but you need to consider the pros and cons. When you convert a sub 12ftlbs rifle to FAC you devalue it because the second hand FAC airgun market is very poor/slow. You would probably have change in your pocket if you traded in/sold your sub 12ftlbs R-10 and bought a second hand FAC R-10 (or other make). The full FAC spec R-10 has an 18.5" barrel and some internal modifications to get it to max 30ftlbs (a lot less with a .177). If you want the full FAC spec it would mean changing your barrel and the internals, which means your shroud will no longer fit. If you wanted to keep your existing barrel and shroud then you could probably get 25-26ftlbs (a lot less with a .177) out of it but the internal modifications still need to be carried out. If you are wanting more power than 30ftlbs in .22 then you will need to consider a different brand of rifle.

Will you tune my R-10 slightly higher and if so how high? 12ftlbs is the legal limit if it is not an FAC, I tend to set rifles around 11.5ftlbs, which gives a little leeway for temperature changes, the rifle bedding in etc. (I no longer tune rifles).

I find 11.6ftlb just not enough power. I am not sure exactly the reason you are not happy with 11.6ftlbs, you don't mention what sport/discipline you shoot/use your rifle for and what ranges you shoot out to? I know people who target shoot out past 80 yards with sub 12ftlbs rifles and most people shoot competitively out to 45 yards (HFT) or 55 yards (FT). With good field craft hunters are very effective with sub 12ftlbs rifles. It is just a case of learning your trajectory and knowing your ranges (a laser range finder is very useful). You will still get a loopy trajectory with an FAC rifle.  See this article about power >>here<<

What do I need to do if I want to go ahead? In the UK you would need your FAC, with a free slot for the R-10 available on it before doing the work. The rifle would then need to be added to your FAC certificate and the police will need to be notified. 

Can I fit an FAC rated HuMa regulator to my R-10 to make it FAC? No, fitting an FAC rated R-10 regulator to a standard R-10 will actually reduce the power of the rifle. A number of parts in the rifle need to be modified to make it an FAC rifle. 

Don't forget the legal limit for an air rifle in the UK is 12ftlbs. Setting it above 12ftlbs without an FAC will result in your rifle being confiscated and a jail sentence. You also risk damaging the sport for everybody else because you will give law makers and antis more reasons to restrict or outlaw airguns.